Hands On - Indoor Hobbies and Interests
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This is Dwejra in Gozo.

Imagine the beauty and prevalent peace in this unspoilt locality.

Typical narrow street in the old city heart of Victoria, the capital town of Gozo
     Large oil on Canvas

Fantastic Realism "Stairway to Heaven" - large acrylic on canvas inspired by the song of the same name.
This Website is one of my major hobbies, so to speak.  I like to spend time on the Internet especially in the evenings/night when instead of watching a movie, which I sometimes do, I sit in front of my computer and type away.

This website is about my hobbies which are quite numerous.  I like to use my hands so a few of my hobbies require some skill or art maybe.  It is also about my Interests as its name implies.

I am a little bit of a stay-at-home, so I do find time for indulging in my hobbies and interests. Interests are like hobbies in a way but with a more serious connotation.  My interests are directed towards making some money online if only to prove that I can do it.

Way back in 1996/7 I earned a little sum of $US1500 by starting a Quick Cash Scheme and I still feel satisfied that I succeeded in doing it.

Let me start by listing all the indoor hobbies that I can remember on the spur of the moment.   My outdoor hobbies are on the right.  I intend to make a Page about each of them eventually on this Website.

1.  First of all I like writing especially about Gozo my Island Home. Gozo is the smaller sister island of Malta.  I do not blame you if you have never heard of it because it is just a speck in the center of the Mediterranean Sea.

You can expect to see a number of Pages about Gozo on this Website because notwithstanding its small size we have a long, long history and many beautiful beaches, creeks and bays and little quaint villages abounding in folklore about which I can write.

(Picture on the top left is Dwejra, one of our still untouched beaches)

2.  Pencil Drawing/sketching

3.  Portrait drawing in Pencil or Colour Pencils

4.  Painting with Acrylics or Oil Colour

5.  Clay Sculpting using earth clay collected locally

6.  Maintenance work as required at home:

7.  Some woodworking

8.  Restoring old furniture

9.  Plastering, tile laying, painting

10. Playing the classic guitar – I know a few nice pieces

11. Cooking (not gourmet class but the usual ordinary food )

12.  On the Internet besides doing research on all sorts of subjects, I look at opportunities for making some extra money.  This is an interest really not a hobby as I mentioned earlier.  Everybody likes money not for its sake of course but to have just enough to live comfortably and to treat oneself and the family to an occasional something special or to afford going on a holiday.

13.  I also like to play with words like solving Crossword Puzzles and

'inventing' Funny Acronyms.


outdoor hobbies:

13. I do some occasional gardening

14. Potting and propagating plants

15. Boating – fishing, sailing, cruising around, spear fishing (Summer only)

16. Hunting with shot gun and enjoying the countryside and open air

17. Cycling – running my errands around town on my bicycle and doing some exercise at the same time